Palatino new D.O.K. range.
To reflect the prestigious recognition awarded through the D.O.K. certification, JP Advertising suggested that Camilleri Wines opts for a sophisticated and chic image. The campaign is also highlighting the launch two limited edition wines. Camilleri Wine’s logo was used to create a wallpaper effect. Rotating it four times on it self creating a Maltese cross pattern. Thus the combination of the wallpaper synonymous of luxury and the Maltese cross pattern gave this advert a Maltese identity highlighting a tradition in local winery and giving a “fashion luxury” feel to the whole brand.

Backstage of the Palatino 2009 campaign.


Advertising Agency: JP Advertising Ltd.
Graphic Designer: Alessandro Caselli.
Art Direction: Alessandro Caselli.
Client: Camilleri Wines.
Brand: Palatino Wine.
Media: Print, outdoor.
Country: Malta.